How To Boost Your Android Phone Battery Life For Free 2020

The main problem that we find in our android device is battery life and there are many apps that claim to save battery life but most of them don’t really work. Today in this article iam going to show you how you can Boost Android Battery Life and it will definitely go into work.

Boost Android Phone Battery Life

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

1.) Pixel OFF

As we know that the display consumes most of our battery life so we have an app in the play store called Pixel OFF. By using this app you can actually reduce the number of pixels in your display.

This means that you will be able to save a good amount of battery life as well. I mean the display will still look fine but the pixel quality will be reduced. And there are many options available like night filter, black filter and many more.

So, this app surely goes into saving lots of your battery life in your AMOLED display.

2.) Greenify

The second major consumption of battery or the apps that are running in the background. Once we clear all the apps we think that all the apps have been closed but that’s not the reality.

There are some apps that run in the background. So, to stop all the apps running in the background we have to download an app called Greenify. This app helps to close all the running apps which consume our battery.

And it is quite easy to use as well just open the app and grant all the permission which is required. It will show you all the apps which are running.

Just select the app which you want to stop and click on the Green Button down below. The app will be hibernated which means that it will automatically get stopped whenever the screen turned off.

3.) AMOLED Wallpapers

This app is for those who have AMOLED displays on their phone. The AMOLED display has the ability to consume less battery whenever the screen is dark.

So I suggest you use some dark wallpapers to save your phone’s battery life.

Wrapping UP

So, this was all about how you can Boost Android Battery Life with the help of apps and tweaks. Iam is sure that you will be able to save a lot of your battery.

If you find this article useful then make sure to share your valuable comments. Also, share with your friends and family who are facing battery draining issues on their android phones.

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